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Hot dip galvanised preserving-jar pan (5 of 1L)

Ref : 011720-lot1

61.20 € TTC

Hot dip galvanised preserving-jar pan (5 of 1L)

Hot dip galvanised preserving-jar pan
for jars of preserves (5 of 1L)
Complete unit to easily yourself
your canned in glass jars containing:

    - a complete pan (tank + lid + column)
    - a dial thermometer, 6 blocking springs
    - a key to jar,  a manual

 This device is intended for simultaneous cooking
 of 5 jars of 1 liter bottles or 10 of half a liter
 (jars not included).
 Its small size allows it to find a place
 in all the kitchen cabinets (diameter 33 cm,
 height 27 cm). It is used on all gases.

With the preserving-jar pan , you can prepare
excellent traditional canned
fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and terrines.
And you will find again the flavors of yesteryear
and good taste of local produce.

You can enjoy  all year of tasty canned products
made ​​from your garden or enjoying prices of the
high season on the markets.

Dimensions of the various models produced:

61.20 € TTC